Open-Source freundlicher Mini Computer: Zotac MAG mit 500GB Harddisk, 2GB RAM

Kompakte, stromsparende PCs sind in letzter Zeit einige auf den Markt gekommen, unter der Bezeichnung Nettop (von Netbook) findet man bei Acer, Asus u.a. Herstellern entsprechende Modelle. Letztere gibt es jedoch nirgends ohne das Microsoft Betriebssystem zu kaufen.

Get Quicksynergy secured with ssh really easy!

Since I wanted to have quicksynergy set up with an ssh tunnel for a long time, I finally thougth about a way to make things easier:

1) hack a wrapper-script together, which does the magic ssh tunneling

2) still use the nice GUI from quicksynergy

3) don't need to start the client seperately - the wrapper script will take care of this!

Since things are a bit confusing:

LOCHOST is the one, where your keyboard & mouse is connected to. We will use Quicksynergy with this and it will run synergys on this side.

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